Tax Consulting

Tax Consulting

Our tax department is comprised of a team of certified public accountants encompassing certain partners, managers and staff accountants. Their most important function is to minimise the client's taxes through planning, financial forecasting and constant monitoring of changes in tax laws and regulations. While all of our personnel are trained in taxation matters, this team devotes virtually all of its time to this function.

How we provide excellent tax consulting services
Our tax department works with our accounting and auditing departments to integrate tax information developed as a result of accounting and auditing engagements so that we can provide complete and timely tax services as efficiently as possible. These techniques will also increase our ability to pinpoint tax problems and allow our clients to have important tax information necessary for making timely decisions.

This division has prepared the income tax guide, which is considered the first comprehensive guide in Lebanon. It includes regulations, resolutions, circulars and memos related to income tax. This guide is updated annually. Furthermore, this division has recently issued the Lebanese code of commerce and property tax guide.

Our taxation services include

  • tax planning
  • preparation of tax returns
  • assistance in answering queries from tax authorities
  • assistance in handling audits by tax authorities
  • value added tax